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What is the best ECN broker for scalping forex [EU]? What about Dukascopy?

I'm based in Europe and I'd like to find a new broker, I recently tried Dukascopy and its a good broker but I'm open to suggestions. My requirements are:
1) seconds or tick charting 2) autoset stop loss with each order 3) one click trading 4) lowest possible commissions and spread
Does anyone here scalp forex?
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How Should I Model a Spread for Commissions in Simulations?

I'm still doing a lot of backtesting of some software I have been writing to try to trade forex. I got to the point where I realized that I don't understand commissions with forex brokerages. I'm kind of hoping I'm being unnecessarily cruel with myself in the commissions I'm charging to myself.
I have some EURUSD data I downloaded off of dukascopy that I've been using in the simulations. I saw on Oanda their average spread for EURUSD these days is 1.2 pips. It can go down to 0.8 and it sometimes spikes above that. So what I have been doing in the simulation is using the next bar's closing price, plus 0.00012 for my long entrance price. For exiting a position, I use the next bar's closing price, minus 0.00012. I was looking at that and was wondering if I'm actually using a spread of 2.4. Am I being too hard on myself?
I assume that brokerages that charge a spread don't really change anything based on amount of margin used, because it's reflected in the price used in the transactions. Is that true?
I also wondered if brokerages that charge a spread just bake it into the prices in their data feed.
I've seen a lot of advice to just open an account and start trying it out there. I'd like to forward test, but I really don't want to go through all the motions if I've proven my strategy is already too risky for my tastes without all that.
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Aubade #Dukascopy Aubade #Dukascopy Better than sex - Dukascopy Forex Cartoons 15.12.2017 - Movers and Shakers by Dukascopy Dukascopy API Tools and Visual JForex Meetup Demo L’Agent by Agent Provocateur #Dukascopy Financial Commission - Londonsummit My preferred workstations for Dukascopy JForex Automated trading strategy Dukascopy TV (русский) - YouTube

In case Net Deposit, Equity and Traded Volume lead to different commission rates, Dukascopy Bank applies the lowest (as illustrated in the examples below). For Self Traders with several margin accounts with Dukascopy Bank, Net Deposits, Equities and Traded Volumes are cumulated to define a unique volume commission rate applied to all margin accounts. The volume commission is determined on a ... Reviews about Dukascopy might be of good service to the new forex traders who are yet hesitating which forex broker to opt for. The information featured in this section is judgmental and cannot be taken as an instruction manual; however, it is definitely useful and can help you understand if the broker matches your personal criteria. The topics of reviews can be very different; it is not ... Dukascopy’s old commissions were a bit steep, especially keeping in mind that there are other ECN brokers that offer commission free trading (take Alpari or MB Trading for example) so it only made sense for the broker to lower its fees. A typical spread on EURUSD is 0.57 pips, whereas the typical spreads on the same currency pair are 0.7 on MB Trading and 1.3 on Alpari UK; when you do the ... Dukascopy is an online broker and bank headquartered in Europe. Users can trade forex, CFDs and binary options on the broker’s JForex 3 platform or MetaTrader 4 (MT4). This review will detail Dukascopy’s offering, covering minimum deposit and margin requirements, withdrawal options, trading tools, spreads, leverage, and more. Dukascopy Overview Switzerland-based forex bank and broker, Dukascopy, has warned customers that forex trading company GCG Asia is fraudulently claiming to be the bank’s authorized firm. In the announcement, Dukascopy Bank cautions that neither it nor any entities of Dukascopy Group have relations with GCG Asia, although the latter fraudulently claims the ... Above all, Dukascopy offers one type of account for foreign exchange transactions on the Forex ECN account, where the method of implementation may vary depending on the agency and the transaction department. While the measures are the same for all customers on the ECN account, the added commission rates will vary depending on turnover, net balance, and deposits. Dukascopy Forex Broker ECN. Swiss forex broker offering trade in the ECN model. Market, low spreads. Lower your commission by 20% (CASHBACK). Dukascopy Europe ist ein Forex-Broker aus Lettland, der die Handelsplattformen JForex (für Autotrading), Java-Plattform (für manuellen Handel), Webplattform, iPhone/iPad Platform, MT4 Bridge bietet und ist durch Financial and Capital Market Commission reguliert. Dukascopy - Commission Discount Program. Posted in Special Bonus,29-July-2019 Start: 01-July-2019 End: Expired. Dukascopy Bank offers its self commerce purchasers the likelihood to urge a two hundredth discount on volume trading commissions (here-after the "Discount"). Purchasers will apply for the Discount among thirty days since their ...

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Aubade #Dukascopy

Dukascopy Forex TV Team is back with the FX Movers and Shakers for this week’s final trading day. Sterling/New Zealand has been on a slide and the pair is 1.16% in the red to post the day’s ... My first Java test strategy with Dukascopy JForex API for automated forex trading - Duration: 11:33. Bryan Downing 4,948 views Prepare to get hot under the collar with the latest Geneva Forex Event featuring Aubade. Watch Dukascopy TV in your language: ... лицензия выдана Financial and Capital Market ... Finance Magnates London Summit 2019 - Forex Trading Exhibition https://www.financemagnates.com/ You can view this video and the full video archive on the Dukascopy TV ... Dukascopy Payments, лицензия выдана Financial and Capital Market Commission № 40103794693 от 29.07.2015. Category News & Politics; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When ... Dukascopy Payments, лицензия выдана Financial and Capital Market Commission № 40103794693 от 29.07.2015 Show less Read more Uploads Play all Alongside of Brokers Review, PFOREX also offers multiple high quality services through the website https://pforex.com. You can easily access the financial tr... Cryptocurrency exchange commission fees - Duration: 13:35. ... Intro to Dukascopy Visual JForex for algo forex trading strategy design - Duration: 26:54. Bryan Downing 604 views. 26:54 . What does ... Показ женского белья от всемирно известного бренда L’Agent by Agent Provocateur на Geneva Forex Event. Выдающийся вечер здесь ... Trade Binary options with Dukascopy. Fixed payouts up to 90%. Contracts of up to 1000 USD. No commissions. http://bit.ly/1yxs2AN You can view this video and ...