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We, a family of 3 with a small daughter, are landing in Canada as immigrant newcomers next month, bringing about 25K CAD with us. We also have about 60K CAD as assets in homeland that we are not immediately bringing with us. After some research, here is what we planned to do. I need suggestions from the generous redditors of this forum, if our plans are okay and if we are missing something.
Bank accounts
I'm appalled by the low interest rates for savings accounts and the tax on interest income. So we'll right away open two TFSAs along with our checking accounts, for me and my spouse and deposit 5K each. The idea is to invest these in ETFs or Stocks. I've shortlisted to open 1 account each in both Questrade and Virtual Traders.
Question: If we need 1 USD and 1 CAD TFSA, which amongst Questrade and VT would have what? Questrade allows journaling Norberts Gambit, so do we need both CAD and USD in the same broker to do a Norberts? We are planning to invest only in non-dividend paying USD stocks and ETFs in the USD TFSA.
For the regular checking accounts, we'll probably go with TD or Tangerine. TD Newcomer packages provides 6 months of no fee and also a credit card, and a USD account, so looks attractive. After 4-5 months, we can of course open a Tangerine too. BTW, does anyone know which bank offers nice benefits for newcomers? Also, which credit card is good for mainly grocery purchases and eating out? How many days does it take to get a credit card, once I have a SIN? We plan to have one checking account and two credit cards, is it possible?
It is possible for us to open a RESP immediately right? We'll be in SK, so I guess there is also a SK education grant. The plan is to open a RESP and deposit 2.5K immediately. Question - which SK institution offers online RESP contribution with no fee?
So that leaves us with 12.5K in Cash, of which 6K will go to the TD account towards checking minimum balance (5k) and the rest 6.5k is for taking a rental house and other expenses. I'm also bringing a forex card loaded with 1k which would also be used, but since it won't help us build a credit limit, we don't want to load more into it.
We want to buy a used car, say a month later, costing about 3K. Will I be able to use my credit card for that, considering we just got it a month ago? A secured one will help? If we can't use CC, then I've to bring more cash from home.
Do we need to bring a part of this 25K CAD in USD, say 5K USD to go into the USD TFSA? Or can we just bring CAD and avoid fx conversion charges/commissions doing Norberts Gambit after a TFSA CAD is opened in Questrade? We are a bit confused. To make matters worse, CAD is appreciating against greenback and I guess any USD holdings will lose some money in the near future?
Homeland Assets
I read that we've to maintain a record of fair market values of homeland properties and assets on the landing date, and this would be the adjusted cost base to calculates gains, on future sales. So, we will have this record.
Finally, as far personal finances are concerned, are we really missing something in this big move of ours? :-)
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